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In 2011, we initiated the drafting of a model Animal Welfare Act which was handed over to Ms. Shanta Chaudhary, Chair of the Natural Resource Committee.

In 2014, we signed a MOU with office of the Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitan City (LSMC) to conduct humane dog management programme in Lalitpur District. Before this, stray dogs were being exterminated through culling (by poisoning or beating them to death).Through our humane dog management programme, we introduced effective and sustainable solutions to the problem: i) sterilization of stray dogs; ii) treatment; iii) vaccination; and iv) community education. We also committed to reach at least 75% coverage with dogs spayed and neutered in LSMC’s 22 wards.

In 2014, we started a petition on against the cruel treatment of equines in the brick kiln industry. The petition garnered immense support with 151,782 signatures and was handed over to the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Agriculture, and Ministry of Industries. Consequently, the President’s Office and the Ministry of Industry instructed all the registered brick kilns owners to stop equine abuse in their factories.

In 2016, at the initiation of Animal Nepal, the Ministry of Livestock Development formed a committee to draft the ‘Working Animal Directive’. Animal Nepal was represented in this committee by our President Pramada Shah. The directive has been developed and submitted to the relevant authorities for final adoption.

We have been advocating with the government for the formation of an Animal Welfare Board and to formulate an ‘Animal Welfare Act’.

We continue to vigorously advocate with the Ministry of Livestock Development, Department of Livestock, The Veterinary Council, Municipalities, International development organizations and other relevant organizations for the formation of relevant laws and policies. We also work actively to ensure the implementation of existing laws and policies for animal welfare.


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Mission To create a harmonious and empathic society for all animals. Vision Values

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