Frequently Asked Questions

An animal is in a good state of welfare if they have the Five Freedoms. They are: 1. Freedom from hunger and thirst 2. Freedom from discomfort 3. Freedom from pain, injury and disease 4. Freedom to express normal behavior 5. Freedom from fear and distress

If the dog is inside Lalitpur district, please contact our Mobile Response Team (MRT) on 9801222306, between Sunday - Friday, 10 am-5 pm. Be prepared to stay with the dog until our team arrives at the scene. Following an assessment, the dog will either be treated at the location and our vet technician will make follow up visits to check on the dog. If the dog is in a critical condition, it will be taken to our treatment center in Chobhar and given the necessary treatment. Once their recovery is complete, they will be released back to their locality or transferred to our adoption program. If the dog is outside Lalitpur, you can contact the following organizations: Kathmandu- KAT Centre, 01-4377729 Kathmandu - SPCA Nepal, 01-4370456 Baudha -Street Dog Care, 9841075383 or 9808594356 Bhaktapur - Bhaktapur Animal Welfare Society (BAWS), 01-6613244 Kapan - Community Dog Welfare Kopan, 01-4820590, 9803976378 Sneha's Care, 9808645023

Our center in Chobhar is a treatment facility and not a shelter, therefore we only take in mother and puppies during exceptional cases. Bringing relatively healthy animals into an environment with sick animals could be detrimental to their health. However, Animal Nepal can assist in other ways. Please call our Mobile Response Team on 9801222306 and depending on the location, our team might be able to vaccinate and de-worm the puppies. We can also spay the mother dog once the puppies are properly weaned (about 2 months), if you can bring her to our treatment center in Chobhar. If the dog lives in Lalitpur we can pick her up. In the meantime please help the mother and puppies to survive. Please note that, this is a very sensitive time for the mother dog, and she will be very protective over her puppies. She won't like dogs and people coming near her puppies and might snap at you, so please be careful and gentle. You can provide food and warm blankets for the mother and her puppies and inform Animal Nepal or other organizations if they have any health issues. The puppies can be separated from their mother once they are about 2 months, please ask friends and family to adopt a puppy. You can also post their photos on Dog Adoption Nepal Facebook page.

Animal Nepal conducts regular spay and neuter camps for stray dogs in order to humanely manage their population, thus creating a healthier and happier stray dog population. The dogs are also vaccinated against rabies and given any other medical treatment they might require. If you know of a stray dog in need of spaying/neutering in Lalitpur, please contact us on 01-5538068. Animal Nepal also provides spay/neuter service for pet dogs and cats - the money raised from this is used to fund the work we do for the stray dogs. The fee for spaying/neutering your pets is as below: Female pet (dog/cat) - Rs 4500 Male dog - Rs 3000 Male cat - Rs 2500 Other organizations also perform spaying/neutering of stray dogs, they are as below: Sneha's Care, 9808645023 Kathmandu Metropolitan City: ManuMitra Kathmandu- KAT Centre, 01-4377729 Kathmandu - SPCA Nepal, 01-4370456 Baudha -Street Dog Care, 9841075383 or 9808594356

Animal Nepal does not have facilities for cows and calves at the moment. If you come across an injured / sick cow/calf, you can contact SPCA Nepal on 9851017793, 985107794

Sadly we have no facilities for cats and kittens at the moment. You can contact Catmandu lovers on Facebook, they look after abandoned cats and kittens.

Animal Nepal encourages adoption of pets. If you, or someone you know is interested in adding a member to your family, please read our Dog Adoption Guideline. Adopting a dog is at least 10-15 years of commitment, so please read our guideline carefully before taking this decision.

To take your pet in or out of Nepal, they will need a pet passport which can be issued by a certified Vet. The passport will contain your pet's vaccination records, medical history, microchip number and other details. Different countries have different rules so just to be sure, it is best to contact the embassies of the countries you plan to go to as well as the airline you are travelling with.

The Criminal Code of Nepal has criminalized abuse and neglect of animals. Crimes committed against animals carry monetary fines and jail sentences. If you see someone abusing / harming their pet or a stray animal, please contact the police in the locality. It is also always worth speaking to the person/s about the need for compassion towards all beings. However, you should assess the situation carefully and don't place yourself in danger. You can also report the incident to Animal Nepal or other animal welfare organizations. Note that we do not always have the required funds or manpower for solving such problems but we will certainly try to help.

If you have a query that has not been answered on this page, then you can get in touch to speak with one of our team members directly. You can call us on 01-5538068 Email us on [email protected] Or just pop into our office for a chat!