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Sponsor the spaying of a dog

Spaying and neutering is the single most effective way to create a healthy dog population and to prevent millions strays from experiencing the misery of disease, neglect and abuse.

Rs. 2000 € 20 US $ 25 AU $ 26

Sponsor a sick or injured dog

Animal Nepal each year rescues hundreds of sick and injured dogs. Your sponsorship will help to give them optimal care.

Rs. 2500 € 25 US $ 30 AU $ 32

Sponsor the retirement of a working donkey

Over 1000 equines work in Kathmandu’s brick factories. Animal Nepal rescues those that are sick or handicapped and offers them a well-deserved retirement in its Godavari Donkey Sanctuary. Your support pays for all food, medicine and care bills.

Rs. 47,000 € 420 US $ 475 AU $ 600

Sponsor a shelter care taker

Animal Nepal’s caretakers form the backbone of our work with suffering dogs and donkeys. Your support pays for the salary, benefits, health insurance and annual vaccinations of these hardworking staff.

Rs. 17,900 € 160 US $ 180 AU $ 230

Sponsor the salary of a vet

Animal Nepal employs two veterinarians in its stray dog outreach programme. These multi-talented professionals show much grit and dedication! Your supports pays for the salary, benefits, health insurance and annual vaccinations on one vet.

Rs 400,000 € 350 US $ 400 AU $ 510

Sponsor a spaying camp

Spaying and vaccinating female strays is part of our core activities, aiming at creating a smaller, healthier dog population. Each year we conduct 4-5 No Rabies, No Babies camps in different communities, covering 60-80 dogs. Your support pays for all logistics, medicines and food for one such camps.

Rs. 150,000 € 1500 US $ 1700 AU $ 2155

Sponsor the maintenance of ambulance

Not a day goes by when our ambulance does not rescue injured and sick dogs (and sometimes cows and monkeys). But its maintenance can be expensive! Your support pays for one year of fuel and maintenance.

Rs. 256,000 € 2288 US $ 2590 AU $ 3285

Feel free to contact us for more information!

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