Our Mission and Vision

Animal NepalOur Mission and Vision


A Harmonious and empathetic society for animals


Extending Sevices and Facilitation Behaviour Change Communication for Animal Welfare

Core Values

Stopping violence against animals/Respect to animal (rights)
Creating values of animal
Compassionate society
 Raise voice for the voiceless
 Promote Five Freedoms


 Promoting partnerships with multi stakeholders (government and non-government)
 Non political Nondiscriminatory and inclusivene/DPromoting diversity
 Professional and ethical
  Promoting a cruelty free life style


Working equine outreach programme :

Shocked to see the conditions of thousands of donkeys, mules and horses working in the brick factories of Kathmandu Valley, Animal Nepal (AN) launched a Working Equine Outreach Programme in 2009. Since then, with the support of The Donkey Sanctuary UK, AN has been working in over 15 brick factories in Lalitpur (seasonal industry running for 6 months every year), where it organizes regular health camps and educates the owners, handlers and factory owners on equine welfare. The condition of the 500 or so working equines in the 15 brick factories in Lalitpur has improved considerably with 55% decrease in wounds over a 5 year working period (Annual Report 2015-2016).
In addition to the equine welfare education workshops, AN also provides skill based training for the equine owners and their families to enhance their economic situation. This undertaking was carried out while extending AN’s outreach programme to Nepalgunj- Nepal’s main equine bazaar (as well as home for most equine owners coming to Lalitpur). Based on our Mountain Mule survey and Brick Kiln Survey conducted in late 2015, AN extended its mandate to the brick factories of Dhading and Kavre districts as well as for mountain mules of Gorkha district in 2016.
Animal Nepal was the first animal welfare organization to start working in the brick kilns of Nepal and our work continues to expand.

Objective of our Working Equines Outreach Programme:

  • To improve the conditions of working donkeys, mules and horses.
  • To educate donkey owners, handlers and kiln owners on equine welfare and management.
  • To build the capacity of relevant stakeholders.

To learn more about our Working Equine Outreach Programme, click on the links below:
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B. Community Eduction and Trainings
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Our Mission and Vision

Extending services and facilitating behavior change communication for animal

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The collaborative efforts of Pramada and Lucia took the organisation to greater heights.


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