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When and how often should I deworm my dog?

Deworming is crucial to your dog’s health. Dogs in Nepal tend to suffer from internal parasites such as roundworms, hookworms, heartworms, tapeworms and other infections. As a result your dog will have poor and stunted growth, allergies and skin diseases, rough coat and anaemia. Dogs should be dewormed from the age of 30 days. Till the dog is 6 months old repeat every 6 weeks. Above 6 months repeat every 3 months.

When and how often should I vaccinate my dog?
What kind of food should I feed my dog?
My dog has fleas! What to do?
My dog has scabies/mange! What should I do?
Does my dog need its own place?
How much exercise does my dog need?
My dog is locked up in a cage all day. Is that alright?
My dog destroys everything in the house! What to do?
Does my dog need obedience training?
What is better, an imported breed dog or local mixed breed (street dog)?
I don’t want my female dog to have (more) puppies. What to do?
When should I contact the vet?
My dog has scabies/mange! What should I do?


I found as sick/injured dog (or other animal) on the street. What should I do?

If the animal is found in the southern part of the valley contact Animal Nepal at 9841 334537. Be prepared to stay with the animal until we arrive, and make sure it cannot run away. If the animal is located in Kathmandu contact Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre at +977 1 4373169.

You can also check out our First Aid for Dogs brochure. If you can provide (temporary) housing have the animal checked up by a vet and take care of it at your residence. If the animal is taken to a shelter make sure you check on the animal regularly and help to rehabilitate it back unto the street if it cannot be given up for adoption. Remember that taking care of Nepal’s disadvantages animals is everyone’s responsibility!

What do you do (in general) about the suffering of stray dogs in Kathmandu Valley?
Is it true that Nepal has no animal welfare legislation?
If I see someone abusing an animal, what should I do?
I heard that animals in Nepal are transported and slaughtered in a very cruel manner. Is that true?
Is it dangerous to eat meat in Nepal?
I am new in the country and want to do something for Nepal’s animals. How to go about it?
What can I do about cruel animal sacrifices?


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Check here often for answers to your questions regarding Animal Nepal or animal welfare.