Animal Birth Control(ABC)

Animal NepalAnimal Birth Control(ABC)
Spaying is one of the most sustainable methods to stabilize and then reduce stray dog population.

Under the Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme, we conduct CNVR (Catch, Neuter, Vaccinate and Release) camps at our Chobar Animal Treatment Center. CNVR is conducted either by bringing the dogs to our treatment center or by conducting camps in the dog’s residential area itself. Our treatment center has the capacity of 12 kennels, built according to World Health Organization (WHO) standard. The camps at residential areas are organized with support from the local government and local groups, who are expected to pay for some expenses.

While we aim to spay and vaccinate 75 percent of the dog population of the project area, we also work to motivate local authorities to be a part of the humane dog management program by encouraging the municipalities to set a budget for this purpose.