An elitist agenda?

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For many people in Nepal, animal welfare is an elitist agenda as there are thousands of people struggling ‘like animals’ for mere hand-to-mouth existence. They think the agenda just diverts the attention, as well as support, of Samaritans and other stakeholders from people to animals.

However, activists have an answer to them. “If there are more than 30,000 NGOs working for human beings in Nepal, there are less than a dozen working for animals,” Shah says, “Animals should also receive equal attention, support and care because they are also parts of our society and they have human sympathies.”

Shah says animals’ contribution to our economy is very much underrated and one of major objectives of her organisation is to make entrepreneurs and business community realise role of these innocent creatures in their businesses so that they can better treat animals.

“I do not have any problem with you eating meat,” he says, “But, know this scientific fact that meat from animals slaughtered when they are stressed cause stress in the eater.”“Have you seen how buffaloes are brought to Kathmandu for the momo business?”Kafle questions as he narrates that dozens of the animals are packed on a truck in such a way that none of them can move an inch during the whole journey, “And, how are they slaughtered very next day?”

“On the other hand, why do our commercial farms separate calves from cows and buffaloes as soon as they are born even if the farm-owners know that these animals are what sustain them?” Shah wonders.

So animal welfare is not only a vegetarian business, you know!

Kafle stresses that treating animals better around us is a must to let children of our family and society learn love and compassion. “If you teach your kid to greet and respect you every morning and evening, but you kick a dog on the street, what do you think the child will learn? Remember that the child who sees torture in childhood grows violent in the future.”

“We are not talking about animal welfare only; the most important thing is the holistic development of our society.”


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